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HaeHyuk, EunHae
Originally posted by hitsugaya15 at XXXTWINS 2.
Pairing: HaeHyuk/HaeEun {Lee DongHae/LeeAiden x Lee HyukJae [EunHyuk] }
Side-Pairing: WonHyuk { Choi Siwon x Eunhyuk }
Author: hitsugaya15
Rating: R
Genre: Smut/AU/slight!Drama/Romance
Warning(s): minor coarse language & slut hyukjae (in bikini) & possessive hae
Length: 1/1 [one-shot]
Summary: Donghae and Aiden are twins, both in love with Hyukjae who can't stop whoring at the beach with Siwon.
Declaiming: I do not own Super Junior, however, the plot is mine and only mine!
a/n: I made a sequel to the 1st XXXTWINS


It was a hot summer day, the sun was high up in the sky as Hyukjae waited by the front porch of his house for his best friends to arrive so they could go to the beach. Donghae had called him earlier telling him to come out in five minutes because he and his brother would come to pick him up. Hyukjae grabbed his beach bag and ran out the door but ten minutes had passed and neither of the twins was here.

As the thought came into Hyukjae’s mind to go back inside instead of waiting in the hot sun, a black Ferrari pulled up in front of him. Hyukjae quickly grabbed his bag and tossed it in the back seat before jumping over the door and sitting in the back.

“Hey guys, what took so long?” He asked.

“Sorry.” The twins apologized in unison, “we had to stop at the gas station.”

Hyukjae shrugged his shoulders and sat back, closing his eyes and relaxing under the sun that shone on the car. Once Aiden parked the car, him and his twin brother simply removed their grey t-shirts and grabbed their belonging while Hyukjae had to run to the change room. The boys decided to find a spot to settle down while Hyukjae changed.

Meanwhile, in the change room, Hyukjae unzipped his bag and ruffled through the unfamiliar belongings. He pushed past the hair brush and little make-up kit and pulled out a pink fabric.

Hyukjae screamed when he saw his sister’s bikini.

He had brought the wrong bag because he was in a rush.

Hyukjae held up the two pieces. The top was a bra shape with two straps which tied in the back of his neck. The pink ruffled of the upper cup covered his nipples while the rest of his chest was nude. Two thin straps led him to tie the top in the back. The bottoms were loose around Hyukjae’s hips. He had to tie the black ribbon on his lacy bottoms which covered half of his ass.

He admits the swimsuit was rather cute; it was new because the price tag was still attached. Hyukjae decided to wear it. He was beautiful; no one would know if he was a girl or boy, neither did he have such a manly figure to expose him.  Moreover, it was a nice lacy underwear, Hyukjae’s biggest weakness.

Hyukjae walked out of the change room in his sexy bikini and accidently crashed into a guy crossing his path. The boy stumbled back and looked up at a tall handsome guy. Hyukjae was not aware that his eyes were completely checking out the guy’s sexy body. Every muscle in his body flexed when he raised his hand to apologize to him. Hyukjae accepted the apology, blaming himself for the reason of this accident anyway.

“I'm Choi Siwon by the way,” the taller sex icon smirked, “are you here by yourself?”

Hyukjae giggled like a flirt, “I’m Lee Hyukjae, Siwon. I was here with some friends but I can make an exception.” The boy bit his bottom lip as Siwon cornered him in the change room.

Siwon complimented on Hyukjae’s choice of a bikini causing the other to blush from slight embarrassment. Nevertheless, Hyukjae did not care; he was the hottest thing on the beach. Even the guys behind Siwon, in the change room, were drooling over him.

Siwon slid his hands down Hyukjae’s slender figure and reached for the boy’s ass. Hyukjae wrapped his arms around Siwon’s neck and grinded his hips into the taller man. Nevertheless, before they could go further; a loud slam of the door to the change rooms distracted them.

Hyukjae was surprised to see Donghae standing there, stabbing Siwon with his eyes and equally disappointed in Hyukjae. He did not say a word; he only walked up to Hyukjae, grabbed him by his left arm and dragged him out. Siwon was left bewildered.

“Donghae, let go!” Hyukjae yanked his arm away from the other.

Donghae turned around and pointed at Hyukjae, “you’re lucky it was me who walked in and not Aiden or that bastard would have been dead!”

Hyukjae glared back at Donghae and placed both of his hands on his hips. The full view of Hyukjae in front of him, in a bikini, made Donghae forget all about Siwon.

“Come on,” Donghae held Hyukjae’s hand as they both walked towards their spot.

Hyukjae wrapped his arm around Donghae’s waist, looking at him and smiling, “does it look sexy on me?” the boy asked, referring to the bikini.

Donghae nodded. If fact he was actually having a huge erection but this was no place to fuck Hyukjae’s brain out so he left his whale to wait.

Hyukjae pouted to Donghae’s nod and told him he was no fun. Then the boy ran ahead to Aiden, Donghae ran after him. When Aiden saw Hyukjae in a sexy pink bikini with laces, he pulled Hyukjae into a steamy kiss. Hyukjae was pushed down into the sand and Aiden bit the boy’s collarbone.

“Fuck Hyukkie, why do you tease me like that?” Aiden breathed in the boy’s ear.

Hyukjae giggled at Aiden’s somewhat childish attitude before dragging the boys into the water. The three stepped into the water and sighed, it was a good relief from that entire heat. Hyukjae walked deeper into the water and sank down, splashing around and relaxing his body until it float. He went underwater and came out with a giant splash.

All eyes were on him and the sexy water drops which fell down from his soft blonde hair and moisturized skin. Hyukjae was beautiful; his figure could easily be mistaken for a girl. Half of the men at the beach already believed him to be a flat chest, short haired sexy girl. It almost made Aiden burst out in laugher. To Donghae and Aiden it seemed every man was targeting Hyukjae, while the women were trying to hit on Donghae and Aiden. The boys were surrounded by older women who could not stop lusting over their bodies and sexiness.

Hyukjae twisted his mouth in annoyance. He did not like what he was seeing. However, being the one who likes to play hard to get, Hyukjae walked out of the water and onto the shore. He swayed his hips and ass in such a way that from behind many boys mistook him for a sexy lady. They approached Hyukjae from behind, wanting to tap that ass.

“Hey babe, want to go for a ride in my car?” One dude with a red cap asked.

Hyukjae smirked and told him to get lost – doing the same to the rest of the boys who approached him. Hyukjae looked around for Siwon but the man was nowhere to be found. He decided to grab an ice-cream cone in the meantime. When Hyukjae ordered his favourite strawberry vanilla flavor, he remembered he did not have money on him.

“Shoot!” He pouted.

“How much will it be?” A voice from behind Hyukjae asked the cashier.

Hyukjae turned to see Siwon standing there with black shades and fully tanned skin. He looked hot.

“It’s two dollars.”

After Siwon paid for Hyukjae’s ice-cream, Hyukjae followed the taller one around the beach. Aiden and Donghae were still busy trying to get out from the crowd of girls and Hyukjae had time to spare.

“Do you know how to serf, Hyukjae?” Siwon walked to his spot on the beach and picked up his blue surfing board with a yellow strip vertically through the middle.

Hyukjae shook his head.

“But you can show me, right!?” Hyukjae exclaimed.

He grabbed Siwon’s arm and ran into the water. He had only seen surfing on t.v and never in real life. A few meters away, Aiden and Donghae managed to swim away from the girls by going underwater. When they came on shore, they realized Hyukjae was not around with them.

“Where did he go?” Aiden asked, while looking around.

Donghae remembered Siwon and though Hyukjae might have gone back to him. He was about to tell his twin brother when they heard a loud scream from afar. Hyukjae was squealing and clapping when he saw Siwon on the surfing board. The guy looked ever hotter.

“Who the hell is that?” Aiden asked, once again, when he saw Siwon.

“Eh, that guy was hitting on him in the change room.” Donghae told his brother.

“WHAT!?” The blonde shouted, pissed off, “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me before? Let’s go!”

The twins ran over to where Hyukjae was. When the wave under Siwon died down, Hyukjae ran further into the water and asked Siwon to show him. Siwon wrapped his arm around Hyukjae’s slender waist and helped the boy on to the surfing board. He taught Hyukjae how to keep his balance. Aiden and Donghae saw this and grew mad. They hated it when someone else touched Hyukjae.

Hyukjae’s surfing board wobbled under him and his foot suddenly slipped. He yelped and fell forward but Siwon caught him in time.

“Hey!! Get off my boyfriend!!” Aiden grabbed Siwon’s shoulder from behind and pulled him back.

Donghae grabbed Hyukjae’s arm and yanked him away from the tanned boy. Aiden was about to punch Siwon when Hyukjae shouted at him and told him to stop.

“He’s only teaching me what you two never did because you’re too busy flirting with those girl!” Hyukjae exclaimed.

“Flirting? We weren’t flirting.” The twins were surprised by the accusation.

Hyukjae crossed his arms over his chest and looked away.

“I don’t care. It’s too late now, I wanna be with Siwon.”

Aiden had enough of this. He was never going to let Hyukjae be with another guy so easily.

“We’re going home, Donghae!” he shouted to his brother.

As the twins began to move to a side, Hyukjae prepared to rush over to Siwon’s side. However, Donghae’s grip was holding his arm tightly. Hyukjae was being pulled away by force from the twins.

“Noo! I don’t want to go home yet!” He kicked the water and whined but the others were not listening.

He dragged his feet into the sand but it was no use since the twins were stronger than him. Suddenly Hyukjae had an idea. He stopped dragging his feet and quickly walked behind Donghae. Without a warning, he wrapped his arms around Donghae’s waist and cupped the boy’s crotch. Donghae gasped at the unexpected action and loosened his grip of Hyukjae’s arm. The blonde pulled his arm away and ran back into the water.

“Hyukjae!!” Donghae screamed before chasing after him.

Aiden looked behind to see his brother running after the escaped blonde. He groaned. He thought the boy was going back to that tall horse-looking guy but no, Hyukjae was running in the opposite direction.

“If you’re tired you can go home but i want to play!” Hyukjae commented when he saw Donghae catching up.

He knew he was going to be caught and thus, turned into the giant rocks a few meters from the shore. Hyukjae decided to hide behind or in-between those until Donghae gave up looking and left.

Nevertheless, it was useless. Hyukjae swam to the big rocks but forgot that Donghae was like a fish in water. Hyukjae turned behind the rock and gasped when a hand grabbed him by the hair. Suddenly he was push back against the rock and shivered from the cold look in Donghae’s eyes. Hyukjae knew Donghae was pissed off and would act just like his brother if Hyukjae tried to run away again.

“Don’t you dare do that again?” Donghae ordered him. “You know it kills me when you’re like that with other guys.”

Hyukjae slowly nodded. He felt bad for hurting Donghae.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered his apologize while looking down on the water. “I love you.”

When he said that, Donghae kissed his ear. Hyukjae blushed as usual.

“I love you too.”

The boy moved from Hyukjae’s ear and kissed his defined jawline. Hyukjae’s back pressed into the slippery rock behind him and he raised his neck to let Donghae move as he pleased. With Hyukjae’s back against the rock, he lost slight balance and felt his skinny legs float. He tried to bring them down but Donghae had already made use of the position by standing between the boy’s floating legs.

Donghae planted kisses all over Hyukjae’s upper body and slipped his hand down to the blonde’s crotch. Hyukjae groaned in satisfaction when his cock was cupped and squeezed. He jerked his body and had Donghae push him back into the rock again.

Just the thought of being fucked in the open sea turned Hyukjae on.

His bikini top slipped down from his shoulder due to the frequent movement and revealed his pink wet nipples. He bit his bottom lip again and looked at Donghae. Donghae got the unspoken request and complied by leaning down and licking the boy’s right nip. Hyukjae gasped at the feeling of Donghae’s wet tongue on his body. The brunette licked the right nip and sucked on it. He bit it and twisted it between his teeth before doing the same to the other one.

Hyukjae was growing impatient. He brought his hands down into the water and held Donghae’s beach shorts by the hem.

“Already, baby?” Donghae asked, looking at the other. “I haven’t even prepared you yet.”

Hyukjae shook his head. “I don’t care, Hae. I want you right now.”

Hyukjae pulled down Donghae’s shorts up to the boy’s thighs and touched his hard-on. He moaned. Hyukjae wrapped his arms around Donghae’s neck and pulled him closer until Donghae’s cock was under his own. Hyukjae thrusted his hips and rubbed his balls on the other’s erection until both of their breathing became heavy. By doing this, Donghae’s cock grew hard quickly.

“Ahh...! H-Hae!” Hyukjae moaned loudly when his felt his own cock twitch from pleasure.

He but muscles were spazzing as they wanted something inside quickly. Hyukjae let Donghae turn him around so that the blonde’s hands were placed on the rock and his back was pushed back into Donghae’s hard chest.

“Mnh..fuu! hng...!!” Hyukjae groaned as Donghae grabbed his ass cheeks, under water, and squeezed them tightly.

He grabbed the string of Hyukjae’s bikini bottom and pulled it up, squeezing the boy’s dick and balls against the cloth. Hyukjae whimpered and felt his eyes water from the pressure. Donghae wrapped his arms around the boy’s ass and used his fingers to unknot the cloth until it slipped off completely. The bikini floated away with the water and got stuck on a tiny rock by Hyukjae’s right.

Donghae parted the boy’s ass cheeks and poked his thumb into the boy’s tight ass. Hyukjae yelped at the unwarned action. He rested his head on his arms which were on the rock and panted as the thumb penetrated his inside. His ass muscles stretched and Donghae added the middle finger. He looped around on the boy’s inside and squeezed a few muscles here and there. Hyukjae’s cock flinched again.

“Ngh!...N-no more..haa!” Hyukjae panted heavily and Donghae gently pulled his finger and thumb out.

He stroked his own erection three times before placing the head at Hyukjae’s entrance. Hyukjae bit his bottom lip as Donghae pushed through. Because Hyukjae’s ass was tight and only spread wide as Donghae’s cock pushed through; it prevented any of the sea water from going in. Hyukjae hissed along with Donghae as the heat inside Hyukjae’s body impacted them both.

“Unh...ahh!” Hyukjae gasped from the huge erection inside of now.

Donghae halted once his cock pushed into Hyukjae’s prostate.

“Are you okay, baby?” Donghae licked the boy’s nape. “Shhh, just relax.”

Hyukjae groaned as Donghae’s sexy voice whispered into his ear. He felt Donghae’s hand stroke his cock as he was told to relax.

“I’m moving,” Donghae said quietly.

Hyukjae nodded.

Donghae slowly pulled his cock back, leaving the head still in and pushed back inside. His cock hit Hyukjae’s prostate and made him scream. Donghae repeated the same action a couple of times before pick up his speed.

“Ah! Agh! Faster!” Hyukjae begged. “Oh, f-faster, Hae!”

Donghae complied.

“Ah! F-fuck...!!” Hyukjae shouted, “ugh...a-ah!”

Donghae squeezed Hyukjae’s cock each time his own hit the boy’s sweet spot.

“Well, well...” They heard Aiden’s voice and looked up.

Hyukjae’s flustered, wet and lusty face made Aiden’s cock twitch and grow hard. His mouth was open from panting and water droplets were dripping off his body. The bikini top hung loosely around his chest, revealing his swollen nipples and a few bites around his neck.

“You’re leaving me out.” Aiden complained from on top of the rock.

“Sorry, bro but I need to punish him this time.” Donghae smirked and penetrated deeper inside Hyukjae.

Aiden lowered himself on the rock until he was close to the place where Hyukjae’s hands were. He sat down and smirked at the clueless face in front of him. The golden haired blonde sat in front of Hyukjae and impatiently pulled down his swim shorts from the front. Hyukjae bit his bottom lip at the sight of the erect cock before him.

Aiden placed his hand of Hyukjae’s head and lowered the boy until his face was on his cock.

“Be a good boy, Hyukkie.” He whispered.

Hyukjae suddenly grinned and licked the top of Aiden’s erection. He nibbled on the sides and licked the head once again. The boy muffled a moan when Donghae thrusted into his harder. Hyukjae opened his warm mouth and took as much of Aiden’s erection in as he possibly could. He began to suck while Donghae fucked him deeper.

After a few sucks, Hyukjae pulled away and panted to catch his breath from the penetration in his ass. Then, he went back to licking Aiden’s cock. He deep-throated and moved his head up and down faster. Aiden hissed in pleasure as the plump lips squeezed him.

Donghae leaned closer to Hyukjae’s back.

“Baby, I’m cumming.” He whispered.

Hyukjae shivered. He had been holding his release back for a long time now because he knew if he came before Donghae, the other would be upset. Hyukjae shut his eyes tighter and let Donghae spread his legs further to move in and out quickly.

“Oh Hyukkie, I’m so c-close.” Donghae panted with his head resting on Hyukjae’s left shoulder. “Do you feel my sperm slowly releasing inside you, do you feel it baby?”

Hyukjae stopped sucking Aiden and moaned out loud. Donghae squeezed Hyukjae’s cock once again.

“Hae! o-oh...come inside me!! Hurry, let me feel your sticky sperm!!” Hyukjae cried while pushing his hips back into Donghae’s thrusts.

Aiden’s erection was going insane from hearing the two talk like that to each other. He wanted to come inside Hyukjae too.

“Hng..!! a-ahhh!” Donghae groaned as he exploded inside Hyukjae’s ass.

Hyukjae screamed as the hot and large amount of liquid released inside of him. Donghae’s sperm hit Hyukjae’s prostate and made the boy release as well. The two panted loudly. Donghae thrusted inside Hyukjae once more before slowly pulling out and letting the sea water wash away the sperm sliding out from Hyukjae’s entrance.

To Hyukjae’s surprise, he was not given a chance to fully catch his breath before Aiden pulled him up with his strong arms. Hyukjae yelped in shock as his body handed on top of Aiden’s lap. Hyukjae’s knees and feet were still in the water, his back was against Aiden’s chest and Donghae was in front of him to prevent them from falling into the water.

Hyukjae grabbed on to Donghae’s shoulders as Aiden lubed his own cock with Donghae’s sperm at Hyukjae’s entrance.

“Don’t cry now, baby. This is what you get for fucking with that other guy.” Aiden smirked. “I’ll fuck you until you get pregnant.”

Donghae chuckled, knowing it was impossible. But then again, it was Aiden. Aiden bit the knot behind on Hyukjae’s back from the bikini and let it fall down. Hyukjae was fully naked and wet sitting on top f the other’s lap.

“Nnh...” Hyukjae moaned shortly.

“N...kuh!” Aiden cussed between his teeth as he pushed his cock into the boy’s entrance.

Hyukjae began to bounce up and down, using Donghae’s shoulders to aid him. His moaning face made Donghae lick his lips unconsciously. He placed his left arm behind Hyukjae’s neck and pulled him down into a sloppy kiss. Hyukjae moaning into it and let Donghae dominate the kiss. Aiden used his right hand to tease Hyukjae’s right nipple while cupping the boy’s cock with his left hand. He licked Hyukjae’s neck and bit it to leave his marks. Hyukjae gasped each time he came down and had Aiden’s erection collide with his prostate.

Suddenly he shut his eye tight when Aiden took over and guided Hyukjae up and down. He pulled him down harder and harder each time. Hyukjae could feel butterflies in his stomach once again. He broke the kiss from Donghae and moaned. Aiden used both of his hands to hold Hyukjae’s hips, giving Donghae the chance to lower himself at Hyukjae’s crotch and suck his erection. Hyukjae cried out when Donghae’s mouth took in his cock. He looked down and could see Donghae’s head go up and down in his lap. Hyukjae bit his bottom lip. His shoulders were turned to a side slightly by Aiden. He looked at the golden hair blonde’s face and blushed seeing himself in the other’s eyes.

Aiden smirked wider and planted a kiss on Hyukjae’s lips.

“I love you, Hyukkie.” He whispered before kissing him again and slipping his tongue into the blonde’s mouth as Donghae had.

Hyukjae moaned into the kiss again and panted once Aiden pulled away.

“Agh- I love...you A-Aiden!” Hyukjae panted.

He threw his head back and let a few tears roll down his cheeks from the immense pleasure filtering through his veins. His ass muscles were squeezing Aiden’s cock and pulling it further inside. Hyukjae knew he was near his release.

“I-I’m clo-n...hk!” His breath got caught as Donghae’s tongue poked into the slit of his cock. “Ahh!! N-not there..! mh!”

Hyukjae’s inside muscles squeezed Aiden’s cock too tight and caused the boy to hiss. He felt his release coming each time Hyukjae’s muscles squeezed him.

“F-fuck, I’m close.” Aiden cursed.

Donghae took the tip of his tongue back from Hyukjae’s slit and wrapped his mouth around the erection. He felt the load release into his mouth and heard Hyukjae moan in frustration as he released. Hyukjae’s muscles squeezed against Aiden’s cock for the last time and caused him to cum inside the blonde.

Hyukjae panted, completely exhausted. He felt forward onto Donghae and wrapped his arms around the brunette. Aiden pulled up his swim shorts and got into the water. Donghae kissed Hyukjae’s cheek while holding him in his arms.

Aiden picked up the two pieces of Hyukjae’s clothes and helped the boy dress. It was evening and the sun would set in a few hours. They had to get home. Hyukjae could barely walk and Aiden willingly carried him on his back all the way to their war. Hyukjae whined about how cold Aiden’s back was but let the boy carry him anyway.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“For what?” the twins asked.

Hyukjae thought for a while because he did not know why he was sorry but felt like he should be.

“I don’t know...”

The twins chuckled.

Hyukjae looked around to see if he could find the hot tanned boy but with Donghae’s sudden glare, he quickly turned his attention away from the beach.

“I didn’t change!” Hyukjae remembered. “I’ll catch a cold! Where are my clothes?”

Donghae gave Hyukjae his previous outfit and let the boy dress himself in their car. While Aiden got into the driver’s seat, Donghae made sure Hyukjae was wrapped in a towel and put on a shirt himself. Hyukjae gave his own towel to Donghae and Aiden’s towel to him, worried that they would catch a cold.

“Can we come here tomorrow?” Hyukjae asked, excited.

“We can,” Donghae started, “when there is no one else around.”

Hyukjae pouted, “What’s the fun in that? Why are you guys so possessive?”

The boys rolled their eyes. They never thought they were possessive.

“Why can’t you stop seeking out all the good looking guys with nice bodies?” Aiden eyed the boy from the rear-view mirror.

Hyukjae stuck out his tongue, “relax, honey. I’m not gonna get pregnant from watching Siwon.”

Donghae and Aiden felt suffocated when Hyukjae said the guy’s name. Aiden told his brother to take the wheel while he turned around to spank, the now teasing, Hyukjae.

a/n: I did not read over this so I’m sorry for spelling/grammar -wipes nosebleed- lol even if Aiden and Donghae are the same people, some of you are still more Donghae bias, eh? Kekekeke~! I’m sorry Siwon, you’re always so close but my fics are a punishment for you since you always cockblock haehyuk. Now we are even. THANK YOU FOR READING AND COMMENTING! Hope you liked this sequel :3


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