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I Want You, For Christmas.
HaeHyuk, EunHae
Originally posted by hitsugaya15 at I Want You, For Christmas.

 I Want You, For Christmas.
Pairing: HaeHyuk/HaeEun {Lee DongHae x Lee HyukJae [EunHyuk] }
Author: hitsugaya15
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance/slight!Drama/Smut/AU
Length: 1/1 [one-shot]
Warning(s): PEDO!HAE, praise to Mr. Whale, moaning Hyuk, 
Summary: DongHae's older brother brought Lee Hyukjae to his family mansion as a servant. Overtime, the twenty-two year old, Donghae, finds himself in love with Hyukjae and Hyukjae is well aware of it. It's Christmas time and Donghae hopes his only christmas present would be Hyukjae. Thus, when the Lee family heads to their cottage to spend the evening, Hyukjae is caught in the same hot spring as Donghae.  And Donghae won't let the seventeen year old go without knowing his feelings. 
Declaiming: I do not own Super Junior, however, the plot is mine and only mine!
A/N: Marry Christmas everyone!!!!! I wish you all happiness in your lives for many years to come!! 

I Want You, For Christmas.

Lee Hyukjae is a poor seventeen year old who is a servant at the Lee’s Mansion, home to the richest family in Seoul. He was brought here by the older master, Donghwa, when the man spotted him searching for a job on the streets.

The boy use to work at a tiny cafe until he was sexually harassed by his co-workers and quit immediately. When Donghwa’s father approved of Hyukjae, and gave him permission to allow the young lad work in their home; Hyukjae met the younger master – Donghae.

Ever since their first meeting, the twenty-two year old, Donghae had asked Hyukjae to only serve him.

There were times where Hyukjae wanted to help and serve Donghwa, due to his kindness for taking him in, but the younger master would never allow it. In return, he would refuse to speak to Hyukjae until the teenager made a promise to never think of the elder master.

“Good, now you are only mine.” The twenty-two year old smiled.

“I beg your pardon Sir? I beg your pardon?” Hyukjae was taken aback by the words coming from Donghae’s mouth.

They sounded possessive.

Then again, this was the younger master Hyukjae was serving. The man was possessive indeed but he was romantic and caring as well.

Of course, Hyukjae knows this because the young master has tried to pick him up after a few months the boy began to work here.

Being a servant of the younger master, one had no say in anything against Donghae’s desires and requests – except for Hyukjae. Nevertheless, Donghae could not help let his words pass Hyukjae, after all, he wanted Hyukjae to be with him and be happy.

“So, what do you want for Christmas, Hyukkie?” Donghae asked him one day when he stopped by the boy, who was putting ornaments of the Christmas tree.

Hyukjae turned around and looked at him curiously.

“I don’t want anything except maybe a pair of decent clothes!” Hyukjae blushed when looking down at his maid outfit. “Good lord, I’m walking around butt naked! It’s so embarrassing!” He blushed crimson red.

Donghae did not hesitate to pinch those rose red cheeks and chuckled.

“I haven’t seen your butt naked,” He leaned to Hyukjae’s ear and whispered, “...yet.”

Hyukjae blushed and pushed Donghae away. He quickly turned behind the Christmas tree and continued to fill the tree with beautiful colourful ornaments.


Donghae paced around his room, trying to figure out what Hyukjae would want for Christmas. Yah, sure he said he wanted some decent clothes, but Donghae saw nothing wrong with what he had forced the lad to wear.

Suddenly he heard footsteps rush into his room, without a knock, and slam the door shut behind him.

“Hyukjae? What’s wrong?” Donghae asked once the boy came inside his room.

Hyukjae was panting loudly as if he had run all the way here.

“Shh! I can’t let the older master see me like this!” Hyukjae panicked.

Donghae stared at him.

“Are you blushing?” He asked in an annoyed tone, “you like my brother, don’t you?”

Hyukjae gasped at the sudden unthinkable question. He was in no position to love a man of such gentleness and perfection.

“Hm? N-no! I don’t like anyone.” Hyukjae whispered, not taking Donghae’s feeling into consideration since he never took them seriously.

Yet, with one sudden pull from the twenty-two year old, Hyukjae was caught and pushed into the corner of two walls.

“Y-young master, what are you doing?” Hyukjae questioned in a less frightening voice, the complete opposite from the look on his face.

Donghae glared at him, grating his teeth to let his anger and frustration out without being violent.

“You don’t like anyone right now!? Are you rejecting me then!?” Donghae shouted.

“I’m not rejecting your feeling master; in fact, I’m very grateful for them. But, I can’t accept them. I’m sorry.” The young boy responded honestly.

Being at the position and statue he was, not one member of the Lee family would approve of their relationship if they were to become more than just servant and master.

Hyukjae could not see himself with Donghae. Even if the age difference did not matter to them, it did matter to the rest of the family and relatives of the two.

Nevertheless, Donghae was not going to give up easily.

After all, he is the type of person who will go after what he wants until he gets it.

“Pack your things; you’ll be coming with the family to the cottage.” The young master ordered before walking back.

“Huh? Pardon?” Hyukjae was bewildered, “J-just like that? Why?”

“I said so, that’s why!” Donghae shouted, causing Hyukjae to run out his bedroom and pack his bags.


The Lee family arrived at their Christmas cottage just two days before Christmas. They only servant they brought along was Hyukjae – only because Donghae forced it upon the family.

Donghae’s older brother left to help his father with a Christmas tree while Hyukjae and Donghae cleaned the cottage with Donghae’s mother.

“Isn’t this lovely, spending Christmas the old fashion way.” She smiled once the cottage was left spotlessly clean.

Hyukjae nodded.

Just then, the two older masters returned. Hyukjae quickly ran to help them bring the tree inside the cottage and place it by the old fireplace.

He felt out of place.

He was a servant and right now he felt in the way of their family interactions.

Why did Donghae have to bring him along?

It made him upset and unwanted.

“So much for a very Merry Christmas, Hyukjae.” The boy whispered to himself while walking to his room.

 “Hyukjae!” The boy stiffened at the lady’s call.

“Y-yes ma’am!” He turned around to face Donghae’s mother.

She smiled at him and gave him a towel. Telling him to go to the hot spring, she gave Hyukjae the directions to place.

Hyukjae was thankful because he could really use a bather after cleaning the house. Thus, the seventeen year old found the hot spring. He removed his clothes in the room and wrapped himself in a beige towel.

The boy sighed and slid the wooden door open before stepping into the warm spring. He smiled at the warmth which quickly engulfed around his body.

Once Hyukjae reached the small waterfall mechanically fixed over a grey rock, he thought he saw someone standing under it.

Come to think of it, he had not seen Donghae after helping his mother clean.

The boy blushed.

“What’s the chance he went to bath while I stayed to help?” The boy gulped and walked closer, just to be sure.

Once he recognized the man’s figure by his shoulders and arms, he panicked and made a run for it. However, the water underneath his feet grabbed his feet and pulled him down, causing him to trip over himself and fall with a loud thuck.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Hyukjae repeated while panicking to pick himself up quickly.

Then he heard the sound of water moving.

The next thing he knew, there was a dark shadow over his body. The boy looked over his shoulder to see twenty-two year old looking down at him with a surprised expression. 

He stood up at the speed of light and pulled his towel with him.

“Hyukjae, come to join me?” Donghae smirked with both hand, now on his hips.

“No! Your mother sent me here. She didn’t tell me you were in here. My apologizes young master! I’ll be leaving now!” Hyukjae turned to run, embarrassed at being a part of a situation like this.

Even more embarrassed seeing Donghae fully naked in front of him.

Nevertheless, luck was not on his side today.

“I don’t mind! There more than enough room for one person.” The older man called from behind.

Hyukjae cursed in his mind and stopped.

He unwillingly turned around and pacing back towards his master.

Donghae smiled once again, good boy, he said to himself.

“Let me wash your back, Hyukjae.” He took Hyukjae’s hand and sat the boy in the warm water, by the grey rock.

Once again, Hyukjae felt out of place.

Shouldn’t he be doing that to Donghae since he is Donghae’s servant?

Why was he being given this special treatment?

Was it because it was Christmas?

“Oh!” The boy suddenly blurted as Donghae’s hands touched his back.

Hyukjae covered his mouth quickly and sat still while the older man washed his back. He was beginning to grow nervous and a little stiff.

“You’re body is so soft, Hyukjae.” Donghae complimented with a smile.

“T-thank you.” The younger boy blushed.

Suddenly, Hyukjae felt Donghae’s breath on his shoulder and panicked. Without thinking the boy jolted foreword and stood up. His ankle tripped over Donghae’s toe and Hyukjae slowly started to fall foreword. He reached out for the grey rock to hold himself up but Donghae’s arms caught him before he could.

Hyukjae’s heart began to beat faster.

His mouth quickly dried.

He waited for the twenty-two year old to let him go.

Hyukjae could not take it anymore.

“Young m-master, w-what if someone sees us?” Hyukjae whispered, biting his bottom lip as the man behind him pressed their bodies together.

“Don’t worry,” The man assured Hyukjae, “they are too busy with their gift wrapping.”

Hyukjae nodded and let his master touch him freely. Of course, being a servant of Lee Donghae meant obeying his every command.

As Donghae licked the boy’s neck from behind and nibbled his way down to the boy’s collarbone, Hyukjae closed his eyes and absorbed the warmth of the hot spring. Donghae leaned his back against the giant grey rock, which poured down warm water in the shape of a tiny water fall. With him, he took Hyukjae, and once again closed the distance between their bodies.

Donghae turned the seventeen year old around so they were face to face, chest to chest and hip to hip. He cupped Hyukjae’s face with both hands and smiled.

“You’re beautiful, Hyukjae.” He whispered romantically.

Hyukjae blushed and gave a little bow as a thank you.

He was too embarrassed to speak.

He knew Donghae loved him.

Hyukjae was afraid he would have those same feelings towards Donghae one day. And being a servant of the family, it was not right.

“Hyukjae...” Donghae mumbled as he leaned closer to Hyukjae’s ear.

He bit it gently, licked it twice, and then tugged on the soft ear lobe of the other.

“Mn...hn!” Hyukjae moaned. “Donghae...p-please don’t...”

Hearing that, Donghae stopped licking the boy’s ear and went lower to bite the boy’s neck. Hyukjae hissed in pain as Donghae’s teeth ripped his flesh.

“Ohh, s-stop!” Hyukjae quivered and enclosed into himself.

“Does that hurt, Hyukjae?” The boy heard his master ask in a soft tone, “I told you not to worry, no one will catch us.”

Hyukjae shook his head.

Someone will catch them, he just knows it. They were in the hot spring; no one needed permission to walk in on them. And if Hyukjae was caught with Donghae like this, he was sure to be fired on the spot.

Hyukjae blinked at the feeling of Donghae’s left hand creasing his back, up and down the man’s hand stroked.

“Hyukjae, I...” Donghae began to whisper in the same soft voice as earlier, “I want to make love to you, right now, Hyukjae.”

Hyukjae’s heart skipped a beat, his face immediately heated up and his entire body began to emit heat.  Donghae closed the distance between their lips when he slowly pressed them together. He licked Hyukjae’s bottom plump lip, ordering the boy to open his mouth, and once Hyukjae did; Donghae slipped his tongue inside. He licked the inside of Hyukjae’s mouth until their tongues met and brushed against one another.

Soon, there was a thin trail of saliva leaking down from the corner of Hyukjae’s mouth.

“Mu...unh...H-Hae” Hyukjae moaned, “...mnh!”

The twenty-two year old lifted his right knee and brushed it into Hyukjae’s groin.

The boy jolted and broke the kiss.

The two look down at Hyukjae’s groin and the way his cock suddenly stood straight and stiff. The boy blushed.

Donghae chuckled, “you want me, Hyukjae. I’m so glad.”

Hyukjae’s blush deepened.

The older man brought his right hand down and tapped the head of Hyukjae’s cock, causing the boy to hiss and throw his head back.

“Is this the first time someone’s touch you like this?” Donghae asked while wrapping his finger’s around the boy’s stiff cock.

Hyukjae nodded.

Donghae smiled.

“You’re mine, Hyukjae. Only mine!”

Hyukjae nodded.

Donghae gave Hyukjae’s cock a slow stroke, Hyukjae gasped and shivered. Feeling the boy shake in his hand, Donghae held him tighter.

“Does it feel good, Hyukjae?” Donghae’s strokes picked up pace. “Tell me what you feel right now.”

Hyukjae shut his eyes and refuse to answer; he quickly covered his mouth when the older man plugged the slit of his cock with his index finger. Hyukjae reached down and took Donghae’s hand; he tried to push it away but couldn’t stop the bliss of pleasure from getting to him.

“I-I can’t...! please ah-!” Hyukjae moaned, tossing himself in Donghae’s arm – hoping to escape the other’s sinful hands which drove him mad.

“Shh,” Donghae whispered into Hyukjae’s ear, “shh, it’s okay. Let me see you cum.”

Donghae continued to stroke Hyukjae’s cock, tugging it time to time, and then reaching down with his finger tips and massaging the boy’s balls.

“Donghae...! ahh!” Hyukjae, finding himself thrusting into Donghae’s hand, when reaching his climax. “Ah!”

Hyukjae wrapped both arms around Donghae’s neck and buried his face into the man’s neck, embarrassed at his first orgasm. The feeling took him to cloud nine, his entire body stiffened until al the sperm in his cock unloaded onto Donghae’s hand and dripped into the water below.

Hyukjae’s body gave out and Donghae let the boy slip through his grip and fall into the water. Hyukjae sat there panting, his entire body wet from the water mixing with the newly produced sweat.  Donghae moved from the rock and saw at the ledge beside the rock, along the water.

Hyukjae looked up towards the twenty-two year olds direction and watched as the man motioned for him to walk towards him. Hyukjae was about to stand up but stopped when his legs gave him a funny feeling – he crawled instead.

He crawled and reached between Donghae’s legs.

“Young master,” Hyukjae spoke.

Donghae linked his hands behind Hyukjae’s head, and pecked his lips.

“Do you want to make the younger master feel good, Hyukjae?” Donghae whispered, giving another peck on those lips he was addicted to.

Hyukjae nodded.

With that, Donghae took Hyukjae’s hands and led them down to his rock hard cock.

Hyukjae blushed at the sight of his master’s cock. It stood there, straight and hard, thick and throbbing for Hyukjae’s mouth.

“Hyukjae, make it all wet so when I put it in, it won’t hurt.”

Hyukjae complied.

He held Donghae’s cock at the base and leaned over it, licking the head with the tip of his tongue.

Then he stopped.

“Um, I-I’ve never done th- this so...what if it doesn’t feel good?” He told his master.

Donghae chuckled, “you’ll never know until you do it, Hyukjae.”

The boy blushed and continued to lick the head of his master’s cock. He opened his mouth wider to engulf the entire head of Donghae’s cock in his mouth and sucked it.

Donghae groaned.

Gaining courage from Donghae’s moan, Hyukjae grew a little more confident and swallowed more of Donghae’s giant cock in his own mouth. He took it deep enough for it to hit the back of his throat. Donghae moaned and groaned at the wetness and warmth produced in Hyukjae’s mouth.

Then, Hyukjae sucked it. He moved his head up and down, taking more of Donghae’s glorious cock into his mouth each time he did so.

“Hm, nu...mn,” Hyukjae moaned while licking and sucking his master’s erection, “unh! mh!”

Donghae watched and listened to Hyukjae’s delicious body and moans. He stared at the mouth which pulled his cock in and released it, repeating the same action various times.

“Keh!” Donghae moaned, “H-Hyukjae...uh, I’m almost there.”

Hyukjae shut his eyes tight and continued to produce delicious moans while sucking of Donghae’s rock hard cock. Hyukjae was thankful that the sound of squishy liquid could not be heard over the small waterfall by them.

Hyukjae realized his own cock had started to throb for Donghae’s touches. The boy slipped his free hand down to his own cock and stroked himself.

His sudden change in moans caught Donghae’s attention. The man looked down between his legs to find Hyukjae pleasuring himself as well as sucking his cock.

“There, HyukJae I think that’s good enough.” Donghae brushed his fingers through Hyukjae’s blond locks.

“I want to cum inside you, not now.” Donghae smiled his prince smile and raised Hyukjae to his feet.

Donghae held Hyukjae against his body and with his thumb; he brushed and teased Hyukjae’s nipples. Hyukjae felt Donghae’s hand teasing his cock once again. He spread his legs for the man to touch him entirely.

Donghae stroked Hyukjae’s cock but slipped his finger’s pass it and to the boy’s hole. He probed his fingers against the boy’s entrance before slowly teasing it with his index finger.

Hyukjae screamed.

“Hush Hyukjae, it’s not even all the way in yet.”

Hyukjae bit his bottom lip.

“Damn, you’re muscles are spazzing already.”

Hyukjae ignored the other man’s words and continued to hiss and groan.

Once Donghae’s fingers were inside Hyukjae, he began to scissor motion the boy’s hole until it spread. Hyukjae knew this would not help much since three fingers were nothing compared to the size of Donghae’s cock.

In addition, Hyukjae could not wait any longer.

“Y-young master,” He panted for Donghae’s attention, “Y-you know how you asked...ah! asked what I wanted for Christmas?”

The older man nodded.

“Please, I...” Hyukjae blushed, “I want you, master. T-That’s all I want for Christmas.”

Donghae blushed.

He could not believe it.

Did Hyukjae just confess to him?

“I love you, Hyukjae!” Donghae yanked Hyukjae into his grip and kissed him roughly.

“Mn..!” Hyukjae was stunned by the sudden action but returned the kiss; between their pants he whispered the same three words back, only quietly and still unsurely.

“Hyukjae, let me make love to you.” Donghae whispered to him.

Hyukjae bent down, his feet in the warm spring but his hands on the dry land, and looked over his shoulder at Donghae. Donghae massaged Hyukjae’s butt cheeks in his hands before parted them and licking his entrance.

“Ahh! W-wh!?” Hyukjae bit his scream back.

Donghae stopped and replace the spot with the head of his cock. He touched the boy’s entrance with his cock and began to tease him. Brushing his cock up and down on the boy’s entrance, making Hyukjae sexually frustrated and full of lust, Donghae continued to tease.

He shoved the head of his cock into Hyukjae’s entrance. The boy screamed at the sudden pain. The twenty-two year old stopped and slowly pulled out.

Hyukjae groaned.

Donghae repeated the same action twice more until he started to fuck Hyukjae with just the head of his cock.

Then, he pulled it out again and brushed it up and down over Hyukjae’s entrance.

Hyukjae shook his head.

He wanted the man to stop torturing him.

“N-no more!” He cried, full of frustration, “Don’t tease me anymore!”

Donghae chuckled.

“Then tell me what you want me to do.” Donghae replied, he removed his cock from Hyukjae’s ass and instead lowered it to the boy’s erection. He teased the back of Hyukjae’s balls with the head of his cock, driving Hyukjae over the edge.

“Ahhh!! S-stop it! f-fuck me! Please!” Hyukjae air trusted his butt, his entrance opening wider for Donghae’s cock. “I-I can’t take it anymore, it feels so good master!”

Donghae nodded and brought his cock back to Hyukjae’s entrance.

He leaned over the boy’s body; his chest hitting the boy’s back and kissed Hyukjae’s shoulder.

“I’m coming inside.” He whispered gently and poked his cock at Hyukjae’s hole. “uh, here I come.”

With that said, Donghae and Hyukjae both closed their eyes and embraced the blissful feeling inside their bodies. Donghae’s cock ripped Hyukjae’s muscles as it shoved further and deeper into his body.

“Shit, i-it’s holding me so tight, Hyukjae. Ahh!” Donghae groaned in frustration.

Hyukjae gasped, “ha! Ah! U..mnh! ahh!”

Donghae gripped the boy’s hips with both hands and pulled him onto his cock.

Hyukjae screamed.

Donghae was all the way inside Hyukjae’s body. The head of his cock was touching Hyukjae’s prostate and sending sensitive vibrations into his body.

Donghae pulled out and slammed back in.

Hyukjae screamed and moaned.

Donghae repeated this action until Hyukjae’s screams turned to moans.

The man held Hyukjae’s wrist over his back and shoved his cock deeper into the boy’s tight and warm hole. He cursed each time Hyukjae pulled him deeper and gripped him tighter inside.

“Y-young master, please touch me more!” Hyukjae began to bed.

Donghae held Hyukjae’s wrists in one hand and reached down to pinch the boy’s nipples. He kissed Hyukjae shoulders in the process.

Hyukjae thrusted his hips back into his master’s cock with each fuck the man provided.

“Hyukjae, I’m going to cum inside.” Donghae whispered to him, huskily.

Hyukjae nodded, he was near his own climax as well.

The older man turned Hyukjae around, lifted the boy in his arms and leaned against the grey rock. He turned once again, planting Hyukjae’s back against the rock and thrusting into him roughly. Hyukjae threw his head back and kept moaning.

“uh! Ahh! Yes! P-please Hae!” He kept repeating.

His moaning grew louder once Donghae thrusted faster. He was near his climax and the feeling of having Hyukjae in his arms like this drove him to thrust faster. He slammed inside the boy’s body until Hyukjae could not take it anymore.

With a loud scream of Donghae’s name, Hyukjae released his seeds into the water below.

Donghae released inside of him, he continued to thrust as his climax released. He did not stop moving in and out of Hyukjae until his cock was drained. And when he did pulled out, his cum slipped down Hyukjae’s thighs, covering the boy’s legs with white liquid.

The boys panted on each other’s bodies while holding themselves up with one another's support. Eventually, Donghae brought Hyukjae to sit on the grass by the edge of the water.

He let Hyukjae lean his head on his shoulder and catch his breath, doing the same himself.

“Young master, I didn’t ask you what you wanted for Christmas.” Hyukjae informed his master.

“I’ve only always wanted one thing, and that’s for you to stop worrying about the problems associated with our relationship. I don’t want a present, Hyukjae. Christmas is about spending time together with your love, friends, and family.” The twenty-two year old had gone into deep though and Hyukjae liked it.

The boy smiled while looking at his master.

“If I can spend every Christmas with you, Hyukjae, that’s a present to me on its own.”

“Donghae,” Hyukjae reached up and placed his hand over Donghae’s left cheek, turning the man’s head towards him.

“I love you, Donghae, Merry Christmas.” Hyukjae pecked his lover’s thin lips.

Donghae smiled and hugged Hyukjae.

Hyukjae was able to return his feeling and that was all Donghae wanted this Christmas.

No present could compare to the happiness Hyukjae gave him.

This was one Christmas; the twenty-two year old was never going to forget.

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