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✖6 {anchovies in donghae's backyard
HaeHyuk, EunHae
Originally posted by hitsugaya15 at ✖6 {anchovies in donghae's backyard

✖ the Lee Family. l R l Fluff, Smut & AU l Summary: Hyukjae tells Donghae to take their son to the park. What's happens after that is not his fault. | warning: implied m-preg (since they have a son)
birthday fic for eunhae_holic86 ; Happy Birthday!!!! (wrote this quickly so I'm sorry if it's crappy and had mistakes)

The Lee Family.

"Donghae, dinner is ready." Hyukjae called out to his husband while setting the dishes on the table. 

"Appa, where is Choco and Bada's dinner?" Hyukjae's five year old son asked from under the dinner table.

Hyukjae looked down and asked his son to come out from there. Choco and Bada, the two cute puppies, ran from the living room and into Eunhae's lap. The puppies tackled the little boy down and started to lick his face. Hyukjae pouted.

"Donghae!!!" Hyukjae screamed his husband's name.

"I'm here, I'm here!" Donghae skipped a few steps on the stairs and joined his family for dinner.

Donghae gave Hyukjae a kiss on the cheek before taking his seat. Hyukjae sat their son on the chair and cut his meat into tiny pieces. Then he poured the puppies their dog food. Finally, he sat down to eat. During dinner, Donghae spotted his son sneaking the vegetables under the table. 

"Son eat your vegetables too." Donghae told him.

Hyukjae looked at his son, "you better eat everything on your place!!"

Eunhae whined, kicking his feet on the chair.

"If you eat your veges, daddy will take you to the park, okay?" Hyukjae sighed.

The little boy grinned. He picked up his spoon and started to eat quickly.

Donghae looked at Hyukjae with a unsatisfied expression. He had lots of work to do, how could he take Eunhae to the park? Hyukjae merely stuck out his tongue. After dinner, Donghae complained to Hyukjae but the man did not want to listen.

"Donghae, he's your son too. You have to spend time with him. Leave your work for a day or two." Hyukjae explained. 

"Fine," Donghae rubbed both his eyes to release his stress. Then he sighed. 

"Fine, I'll take him to the park." 

Hyukjae gave his lover a kiss on the lips as a thank you.

The following day, Eunhae was crying at the front door because he did not want to leave for the park without his appa and puppies. Hyukjae had no choice but to go along with his husband and their son. He put the puppies on a leash before following the two other members of the family. 

Eunhae was sitting on Donghae's shoulders the entire way. 

"Daddy! the park!" The little boy exclaimed when he spotted the swings and slides.

Hyukjae walked the puppies on a trail, leaving Donghae and Eunhae to play together. He smiled at the people walking, jogging and rollerblading by him. after completing three round around the trail, he let the puppies go and play with each other in the little pet area. Hyukjae sat down by the fountain and smiled to himself, seeing his son and husband having a good time.

The man's eyes landed on someone sitting across from him with a large white notebook in his hand. Hyukjae's eyes met the stranger and he smiled. The man smiled back and looked down at his book.  Hyukjae looked around at his puppies and his family and could feel the stranger staring at him time to time. It was beginning to make him uncomfortable. 

When Eunhae got some sand in his eyes, Donghae panicked. He forced his son to open his eyes and blew away the tiny bit of sand on his curly eyelashes. Donghae turned to see I Hyukjae had heard or not. Because if he had, then Donghae would be in big trouble. When Donghae saw Hyukjae, he sighed in relief. However, the relief did not last a minute too long when Donghae watched a man approach Hyukjae with a smile. 

"Hello, my name is Kim Yesung." The stranger held out his hand to Hyukjae. 

"I'm Hyukjae." The man shook the other's hand.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help notice how beautiful you are." The man complimented. "I rarely see a sight like yourself so I hope you don't mind me drawing you. Would you like to see?"

Hyukjae was surprised and flattered. Never in his life had anyone spent their talent and time trying to draw him. This was almost an honor. 

"I'd love to! Thank you so much." Hyukjae clapped his hands in anticipation. "Let's see!" 

The man revealed the drawing by turning his sketch book to Hyukjae. The picture was of Hyukjae's face, his gummy smile and warm eyes, staring at something precious. But before Hyukjae could gasp and shower the artist with praise, the book was snatched away. The two looked up to see who had taken the sketchbook.

"And why are you drawing him?" Donghae asked with irritation written all over his serious face.

Yesung looked at Hyukjae, confused.

"He's an artist! he said I was beautiful and drew me." Hyukjae smiled, while snatching the book back from Donghae.

Donghae glared at Yesung while the artist looked at Hyukjae with a confusing and worried expression.

"Is that some sort of a new pick up line they use these day?" Donghae asked. "He's mine so you better keep your distance." 

Yesung obediently nodded.

"I-I had no wrong intentions." 

Eunhae peaked from behind Donghae's leg to see the scene in front of him. Hyukjae saw his son's face break into a smile as he ran past his dad's legs.

"Teacher Kim!! you come to play at the park too!?" Eunhae jumped up and down in front of his teacher.

"TEACHER!!?" Both Donghae and Hyukjae shouted in shock.

Yesung recognized Eunhae right away. He ruffled the little boy's black hair.

"God, Donghae! I can't believe you were so rude to his teacher!" Hyukjae elbowed his husband.

"I didn't know..." Donghae argued back.

Once Yesung left to continued his sketches; Donghae and his family made their way home. This time, Donghae was giving his son a piggyback ride. Bada and Choco ran into the house when Hyukjae opened the door. 

"Eunhae baby, daddy will go get the both ready so come and have a snack." Hyukjae told his son.

Eunhae nodded and sat at the dinner table.

When Donghae finished preparing the bath, Hyukjae undressed his son and opened the door. Donghae was already sitting in the tub playing with the bubbles and Eunhae's bath toys. Hyukjae rinsed his son before sitting him in the tub. Hyukjae told Donghae he will be preparing dinner if they two need anything and was about to leave.

"Eunhae, don't you want umma to take a bath with us too?" Donghae teased, he knew how irritated Hyukjae gets when Donghae wants Eunhae to call him an umma.

"Yay!! I do!" The little boy shouted, throwing his hands in the air.

Hyukjae faked a smile. 

"Honey, there's no room for APPA!" Hyukjae emphasized the last word.

"Eunhae made room for appa." The little boy said while wiggling to the right side where Donghae was.

Hyukjae glared at Donghae. 

"I'll go get undressed." Hyukjae gave in.

"But honey, this is the bath room. you can change here, right Eunhae?" Donghae teased a bit more, this time faking an innocent voice.

Their son nodded.

"Eunhae won't look if appa is scared." The little boy covered his eyes.

Hyukjae knew what Donghae was doing. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, along with his pants until he was fully naked. Donghae licked his lips. 

"Are you happy now? you got your little strip show." Hyukjae whispered harshly into his lover's ear.

"Can Eunhae open his eyes now? It's scary." 

The parents giggled and removed their son's tiny hands from his eyes. Hyukjae was already in the bathtub and very aware of Donghae's eyes glued onto his lewd body. Hyukjae sat his son down in front of him and gave the boy a proper bath. Eunhae and Donghae were busy splashing water on each other while Hyukjae rinsed his son's hair. 

"All done!" Hyukjae smiled, he was about to get out with his son when Donghae stopped him.

Donghae reached past Hyukjae for the towel and wrapped it around his son, who was not standing outside the tub. 

"Now, go straight to your room and into bed, okay?" Donghae pinched his son's chubby cheek and watched the boy run with the giant towel.

"He'll catch a cold!" Hyukjae said, worried.

"He'll be fine." Donghae smiled and turned his attention to Hyukjae. "You should worry about yourself."

Donghae cornered Hyukjae against the bath walls and nibbled on his lover's right ear.

"You made me so jealous at the park. I don't like when you do that to me." Donghae whispered. "I told you, you can only show me that beautiful smile, didn't I?" 

"Yes, b-but he d-mnhh" Hyukjae tried to explain but was cut off by a kiss. 

Donghae pressed his lips against Hyukjae's and slid his tongue inside in an instant. Hyukjae's arm went around Donghae's neck and his legs automatically parted far enough for Donghae to settle between. Donghae lifted Hyukjae into his lap, and cupped the boy's butt cheeks so that the soap and water did not cause him to slide off. 

Hyukjae bit his bottom lip. Donghae parted his butt cheeks and probed his erect cock at the other's entrance. Hyukjae covered his mouth from screaming and moaning too loud. After all, their son was across the hall. Donghae's breath was on Hyukjae's face and vise-versa. They muffled seductive sounds and panted together in silence. 

Donghae thrusted into Hyukjae a could of times and finally hit the man's prostate. Hyukjae begged Donghae to stoke his cock and his husband did just that. When Donghae pulled out, Hyukjae hissed at the cold water entering his hole. Dongha'es cock soon replaced it. Donghae licked Hyukja'es nipples, teasing them with the tip of his tongue and then licked all the way to Hyukjae's jawline. Hyukjae moaned in essence. 

Hyukjae pulled Donghae into another passionate kiss. Their foreheads touched as a trail of saliva separated them. Donghae's hand squeezed Hyukjae's ass tighter. He moved back in the tub and let Hyukjae sit on top of him completely. Hyukjae bounced up and down on his lover's cock, while squeezing his own right nipple in between his fingers. 

"Yes! hae, gosh..! oh fuck yes!" Hyukjae moaned louder and louder. "Ahh, my hole is spreading!"

Donghae marked Hyukjae's neck.

"muhh!, uh! ah!" Hyukjae muffled, "deeper, go deeper...! nmh!" 

Donghae did just that. As Hyukjae came down on his cock, Donghae raised his hips a little, meeting the pressure and having the head of his cock pierce deeper into the other's prostate. 

"I'm cumming!! Donghae!!" Hyukjae suddenly announced and release seconds later. 

Donghae continued to penetrate his lover's hole and hear him moan for a couple of minutes before he too exploded inside of Hyukjae.Minutes after Donghae had pulled out, he drained the water and helped Hyukjae with their real bath. By the time they were finished, Eunhae had already fallen asleep.

Hyukjae gasped.

"What?" Donghae wondered while dressing his son.

"He didn't even eat dinner!!"

a/n: spare me, I wrote this for Enas (eunhae_holic86), in like 10 minutes or less because I logged in to see it's her b-day today so Happy Birthday bb, I love you~~!. and I'm sorry if this is shitty but like I said, wrote it super quick! hope you liked it and yes everyone loves a bit of yesung XD Hyukkie said he's name his son Eunhae so that's where I got the baby's name andddd, of course myself is smut deprived and I turned my intended pg-13 into a r /claps/ I srly need a readerxeunhyuk where the reader is a male. guys know any??? /slapped/

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